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The BeeDone Advantage

Productivity Made Easy

Embrace powerful productivity hacks in a simple, user-friendly app. BeeDone helps you focus on what matters most, turning complex strategies into fun.

Playful Progress

Level up as you tick off tasks with BeeDone's rewarding gamification system, keeping motivation high and making every achievement a celebration.

AI Task Genius

BeeDone's AI effortlessly organizes your tasks, turning chaos into order with smart, personalized prompts that make productivity feel natural and easy.

Revolutionize Work: Master Tasks Now!

Transform tasks with BeeDone! Elevate efficiency, conquer todos. Click now for your personal task wizard. Simplify, conquer, and let BeeDone guide your triumph!

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  • Task Metadata Generation
  • Flexible Habit System
  • Reward Feature
  • Daily Routine Gamified


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  • Unlimited Metadata Task Generation
  • Gain full access to 17 powerful
    productivity hacks inspired by books
  • Productivity Tournament Entry
  • Full access to the Discord Community

Elevate Your Task Game with BeeDone's Feature Skill Arsenal

Great Focus

Enhance focus on critical tasks using a dedicated timer, cutting through distractions for a productivity surge.

Automatic Routine

Personalize your daily agenda to fit your life's rhythm, ensuring no important task goes unnoticed.

Smart Todo

Elevate your task list with AI customization that streamlines your workflow and calms your mind.

Flexible Habit

Tailor habits to your rhythm. Enjoy flexibility, adapting habits to your evolving lifestyle for lasting success.

Eisen Flow Prioritizer

Tactically align your tasks with your ambitions using strategic prioritization for maximized effectiveness.

Task Roulette

Embrace spontaneity with random task selection, simplifying your decision-making for a more dynamic day.

Smart Organizer

Streamline your workflow with the Organizer skill, adapting your tasks to suit your productivity style for a seamlessly efficient day.

Split a Task

Turn complexity into manageable steps, fostering approachable achievement for your daily tasks.

Breath To Achieve

Center your mind with guided breathing exercises to enhance concentration and achieve with poise.

Easy Delegation

Streamline teamwork with easily shareable task links, making delegation smooth and hassle-free.

Auto Classification

Effortlessly categorize tasks with AI, keeping your focus sharp for top priorities.

Strong Habit

Forge unbreakable habits effortlessly, turning aspirations into ingrained habit for continuous personal development.

Bee productive, get things done!

Why BeeDone ?

With intuitive design, intelligent automation, and collaborative brilliance, it redefines how we approach productivity. Whether conquering todos, habits, or routines, BeeDone adapts effortlessly. It's not just an app; it's a lifestyle upgrade, streamlining your journey to success.

Discover the Books Behind BeeDone's Innovative Approach to Productivity

Hear It from the Hive: Users Buzzing About Their Wins

Adil M.


BeeDone revolutionized my workflow! It's not just a task manager; it's my daily coach for productivity and success.

Vivien R.


From chaos to clarity — that's what BeeDone brought to my projects. It's a game-changer for anyone serious about their goals.

Rayan P.


BeeDone's adaptability is a game-changer, catering to my individual needs. It's not just an app; it's a lifestyle upgrade.

Maeva T.


BeeDone stands out in the task app crowd. Its automation and intuitive design make it a daily essential, like having a personal task assistant!

Frequently Asked Questions

BeeDone boasts a user-centric design, making it intuitive and user-friendly for beginners and seasoned users. Navigate effortlessly and enjoy a delightful task management experience.

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